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The Fluffy Appeal of Japan’s Rabbit and Cat Islands

Experience the joy of furry creatures on Rabbit Island and Cat Island, Japan. A Rabbit Island Japan day trip from Hiroshima to...

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From the moment I set foot in Japan, I knew that I had to explore the two cutest islands on the planet, the Rabbit Island and the Cat Island. The idea of wandering into the fluffy embrace of countless bunnies and cats was simply too tantalizing to pass up. However, my journey proved to be a little more complicated than I had initially anticipated.

As I hopped on a train bound for Okunoshima, I was eager to be uplifted by the sight of rabbits. Unfortunately, I was disappointed to find out that the island is not literally crawling with rabbits as many bloggers would have you believe. Although the bunnies on the island were a sight to behold, they were well spread out, making it nearly impossible to enjoy scenes like the ones I had seen in popular Rabbit Island Japan videos. Despite the lack of bunnies, the island still boasts an intriguing history, having been a center of poison gas manufacturing prior to and during WWII.

To get to Rabbit Island Japan, I took a Mihara-bound Shinkansen from Hiroshima, and then transferred to the local Kure line for Tadanoumi. From there, I hopped on a 12-minute ferry ride to Okunoshima. Despite the language barrier, the locals knew exactly what I was there for and were helpful in pointing me in the right direction. Although there is only one hotel on the island, the Kyukamura Ohkunoshima, I would recommend a Rabbit Island Japan day trip from Hiroshima, rather than an overnight stay.

My next stop was the famed Cat Island, Tashirojima. As I arrived and began exploring the island, I quickly realized that the number of cats on Cat Island had also been overstated, just like the rabbits on Rabbit Island. However, the island still has a hospitable feline population, making it a must-visit destination for cat lovers.

Unlike Rabbit Island, Cat Island offers camping, with cat-shaped cabins providing a unique experience for visitors. To reach Cat Island Japan, I traveled to Sendai, which is easily accessible from Tokyo, Kyoto, and other Japanese cities by Shinkansen or plane. From the nearby city of Ishinomaki, I took a local train to the Nitoda port, where I caught a ferry to Tashirojima.

One thing to keep in mind if you plan to visit Cat Island is that only two ferries per day return to the mainland, so it’s crucial to catch one of them back. As the first ferry to the island departs around 9:00 in the morning and the second one returns at 10:45, it’s essential to plan your visit carefully and avoid missing the last ferry back to the mainland.

While both Rabbit Island and Cat Island offer a charmed experience, they’re not necessarily worth the effort of the trek required to get there from the mainland. Thus, unless you are heavily invested in visiting each island, I would recommend skipping them and enjoying other marvels of Japan.

Written by Travis
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