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Mrs. Pa and Her World-Renowned Fruit Shakes in Chiang Mai

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As I approach Chiang Mai Gate, the sweet aroma of freshly blended fruit fills the air. It’s Mrs. Pa, setting up her smoothie cart for the evening rush. I can see the starlings in the trees, waiting to take flight as the sun begins to set. Mrs. Pa has been here for years, procuring the freshest produce from the markets each morning, and she takes great care in crafting each smoothie. She even makes her own sugar water,

I first met Mrs. Pa back in 2012 when I first visited Chiang Mai. I spent hours at her stall, watching her work and listening to her infectious laugh. Touched by her charm and story, wondering if it would make a difference for her. I returned to Chiang Mai just recently and surprised her at the stall, greeted with a fierce and wondrous hug.

I caught up with Mrs. Pa now mid-smoothie and talked about how her business has changed since we last spoke. She mentioned that the number of customers has increased since my article was published. She invested in a bigger cart to accommodate more business and buy better quality fruits. Her Chinese customers are different from falang tourists as they care more about the price than the taste of the smoothie. Despite this, she has even learned some Mandarin to communicate with them better.

Mrs. Pa used to work in an office before her friend gifted her the smoothie cart. She used the opportunity to put her children through school and eventually save up for a house. I learned from her that she is happy to continue working solo at her stall and has no plans for expanding into a franchise. Mrs. Pa’s favorite smoothie is a mix of fruits, which is the most popular at her stall.

As I interviewed Mrs. Pa, I also got to see behind the scenes of the Chiang Mai Gate night food market. Vendors petition local authorities to get a space there, and each stall pays for their own electricity and garbage removal. Surprisingly, there’s no running water for these food carts – they have to come prepared.

Mrs. Pa’s kind personality is what makes her stall so special. Her warmth and smiles bring customers back (along with her amazing smoothies). She remembers her customers’ favorite fruits and even their companions years down the line. People love that she is happy to be doing what she loves, just like me.

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, make sure to visit Mrs. Pa at Chiang Mai Gate, across from the 7-11. Her red and white cart can’t be missed, and her smoothies are only 25 baht.

Written by Travis
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